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Energy Medicine and Tapping

You may want to learn more about Energy Medicine and Tapping? You or someone you care about is suffering from stress, pain or illness. Maybe you’ve already seen or read about how Tapping can help with a personal issue of your own or someone you know.  Maybe you’ve seen the Tapping Solution Documentary movie and were astounded by the immediate relief participants found with chronic pain, grief, anxiety and more.

You may be skeptical of the seemingly miraculous stories of healing, I certainly was at first.  Luckily, EFT Tapping works whether you’re skeptical or not!

If you’re struggling with emotional or physical pain and have tried many things with less success than you hope for, Tapping may offer you more relief than you can imagine.

Personally, I had a revelation when I was exploring Tapping (EFT) for kids.  One of my granddaughters was experiencing ear infections and I really wanted to help her heal without all the antibiotics and boost her immune system. One of the first assignments in the course was to learn and experience EFT Tapping myself. 

At the time, I had been experiencing fairly bad leg pain for a few years after an injury.  Despite physical therapy, osteopathic manipulation, supplements, etc., the level of pain varied but was often significant.  I tapped on that pain—just one round—and the pain went completely away.  Wow!! I was sold on this particular mode of Energy Medicine!

I, now, offer EFT, TFT and EFT Energy Tapping sessions to my clients for physical, emotional and spiritual balancing along with Reiki. My clients who have utilized Tapping have all had positive results.

Over 30 years of research shows EFT Tapping has a very high success rate—over 80%.


What is Tapping?

Tapping is a very simple energy protocol that works with acupressure points, meridians and thoughts to reduce the fight, flight, freeze response to stress and calm the nervous system signaling your body to relax. The process actually sends messages to the amygdala, the part of the brain that creates the stress response. With the combination of energy mobilization by Tapping and the thoughts presented while completing the Tapping protocol, the brain is able to reprogram the stress response. This opens the flow of energy and allows your body to naturally heal itself physically and emotionally.

As a former PhD Psychotherapist, I’ve been working with forms of Energy Medicine since the 1970s and am trained in several modalities including, Bio-Energetic Analysis, Reiki, TFT-Thought Field Therapy, EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique and EFT Energy.

TFT and EFT Tapping offer something in addition to standard medical treatments and can help one to relax and heal from any imbalance.

Tapping has been validated by over 30 years of research and is very helpful in pain relief, as well as helping to relieve many emotional and physical imbalances.

Tapping is not psychotherapy, counseling or any type of medical intervention.  I have retired and no longer practice psychotherapy. EFT Tapping does not replace medical treatment. EFT Tapping is complementary to any treatment you are receiving and may increase the healing value of such treatments.

Enlightenment Reiki offers Reiki Training and Reiki therapy sessions along with additional Energy Medicine techniques including: Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and EFT Energy sessions.

All of these practices allow you to heal yourself through opening energy pathways and relaxing the mind and body.

What happens during a Tapping session?

When you arrive for a Tapping energy therapy session, normally you would fill out some paperwork answering questions about your reason for seeking a session, your current health, medical or psychological treatment you are currently receiving for the concern or treatment you’ve had, in the past.  You will usually discuss your answers with the practitioner. During the discussion you will have the opportunity to ask questions, too.

 You will remain fully clothed. You will initially sit in a chair, if possible or lie down on a treatment table. Commonly, you will be shown a picture of the Tapping meridian acupressure points and led by the practitioner in a protocol, including verbal expression of thoughts and tapping the points determined most likely to present positive results for you. One or more rounds of Tapping will be led by the practitioner.

If a hands on Reiki treatment is part of your protocol, (Enlightenment Reiki usually includes Reiki energy in the tapping session) soothing music may be played while you meditate or are instructed to focus on breathing, a phrase or an area of your body. The practitioner will place hands on or just off your body (never touching erogenous zones.)

Some people have intense feelings arise during treatment. You may stop the treatment at any time or you may continue with help from the practitioner to deal with overflowing emotions. If you should happen to have an intense emotional experience, know this is completely normal and can even be helpful in the healing process.

At the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to share your experience and ask questions about what happened for you. You will be instructed to drink plenty of water for the next two days as your body will be processing the infusion of light energy.

Tapping and Reiki Energy sessions are a relatively inexpensive route to health and happiness. Most people initially have 6 to 10 sessions, though significant improvement may occur from the very first session. Often with Tapping and Reiki therapy people heal much faster thereby saving money for prescriptions and time away from work due to emotional or physical pain. Tapping Energy therapy can also really improve relaxation, sleep and mood. When you are less stressed, everything in life is easier. Often personal and professional relationships become much better.

Energy Medicine Journey

When completing my senior year in college, I took a small group course where we met 4 hours each week and shared all kinds of personal history and information.  By the end of the 16 week semester, we really knew each other intimately.

On the last day, a Bio-energetics therapist came to class and was able to tell really significant things about each person that he couldn’t possibly know just by looking at our body structure. (He had never met anyone in our group and the group was completely closed and confidential—no reporting to any teachers, taping or anything.)

I was shocked that so much info was available just by looking at a person. At the time, my goal was to become a child and adolescent psychotherapist and it seemed like having the ability to have an understanding of what had been experienced and was being experienced, without relying solely on verbal communications, would be extremely helpful to my clients. My Bio-energetic Analysis training began during graduate school. Much about energy flow of the mind, body and spirit was learned in the 4 year intensive training.

Since then, I’ve explored the use of energy pathways to heal mind, body and spirit through various trainings in several modalities including Donna Eden Energy Medicine, Caroline Myss Energy Medicine, Reiki, TFT-Thought Field Therapy, EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique and EFT Energy.

When I recognized how much Tapping has relieved my own physical pain and stress, I immediately sought training and certification because I had to begin offering this powerful Energy Medicine to my clients.

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